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Things You Should Not Overlook During The Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period

Many Americans still have not signed up for health insurance.  The open enrollment deadline is days away and if people fail to sign up, they’ll find themselves having to pay the Obamacare penalty next year. Most Americans don’t know that you have a 30 day look period to try out your new health insurance plan.  There are other things to look for the last of people who have not signed up yet. gives five other tips for these Americans:

1.       There’s an estimated 4.5 million uninsured Americans who qualify for a bronze plan with no monthly cost.  Even those who won’t use their health insurance can get free preventative care and avoid the Obamacare tax penalty.

2.       See if you qualify for an Obamacare tax exemption.  If you aren’t receiving subsidies to pay for your health insurance, the cost of your plan may be high enough to keep you from paying the penalty for going without health insurance.

3.       Your current insurance plan may change the prescriptions they cover.  Make sure you check if your plan will cover the prescriptions you need.

4.       You should maybe be getting a temporary health plan if you are waiting for your other coverage to start.  They can protect you in cases of emergency and are affordable.

5.       Look into alternatives to Obamacare coverage.

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