Life Insurance: Pay out for a Drug Overdose

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There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration to determine if a life insurance company will pay out for someone who has overdosed on drugs. These factors include:

National Fruitcake Day


Made with chopped candied or dried fruit, nuts and spices and sometimes soaked in “spirits,” fruitcake has been a holiday gift-giving tradition for many years.

Life Insurance: How are Rates Determined

life insurance rates

Life insurance rates are a reflection of the risk each policyholder presents to the insurance company.  Life insurance is based on the concept of sharing risk. Here is how life insurance rates are determined:

National Candy Cane Day: 4 Health Benefits

candy canes

One of the most common uses for peppermint oil is as a flavoring for various types of candies, including candy canes. Ancient Egyptians used the peppermint plant as a medicinal herb.