Employer Sponsored HRA Plans: Executive Order

executive order

The Trump Administration has issued a new Executive Order requiring the Departments of Labor, Treasure, and Health and Human Services to issue new guidance and proposed regulations that would disclose negotiated rates

How to Treat Painful Sunburn

smiling woman outside

Your skin can burn if it gets too much sun without proper protection from sunscreen and clothes. To help heal and soothe stinging skin

Employer Health Insurance: Reporting Requirements

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Requires health insurers (carries0 and sponsors of self-insured health plans to provide covered individuals and the IRS with information on MEC for a calendar year (CY). Information in this report is used to administer the individual

National Cheesecake Day


The Cheesecake Factory has their annual ½ price cheesecake day today, Tuesday, July 30th. Get a slice of any of the 30+ cheesecake flavors for half price during the one-day celebration. The half-price deal is good at all Cheesecake Factory restaurants.

8 Ways to Celebrate Parents’ Day

Parents' Day

 Make a memory book or look at old family photos together. It’s a fun way to reminisce together about good times and inspire ideas for future trips and activities.

Health Effects Blue Light Has on Your Eyes

blue light effects

Staring at screens all day isn’t good for us — we know this. It can cause eye strain, sometimes called computer vision syndrome, and the light is so bright it can mimic sunlight, mess with our hormones, and prevent us from feeling sleepy.

How to Safely Dispose of Medicines

disposing of medicine

Is your medicine cabinet full of expired drugs or medications you no longer use? Your medicine is for you. What’s safe for you might be harmful for someone else.