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Braille, insurance and the visually impaired

pin up National Braille Day is a holiday that celebrates the achievements of Louis Braille, the inventor of the braille system of reading and writing. This system, which is used by people who are

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Blue Light and Eye Health

Workplace Eye Wellness Month, celebrated in March, is a great opportunity to remind everyone that eye health, like good oral health, plays an important role in your overall health. With adults and children alike

employee vision coverage

Why Offer Employees Vision Coverage?

Help your employees take control of their eye health by offering vision coverage. After all, health vision is an important part of employees’ overall wellness.  Principal announced additional features for managed care vision. Expanding

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What to Know About Stress and Vision Problems

About 78% of Americans report feeling stressed every week, and about one in seven are stressed every day. People experience stress in different ways, and any number of life’s challenges can trigger it. There

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How Do Voluntary Benefits Help Employees and Employers?

There is a way for workers and employers alike to find some extra bottom-line security: voluntary benefits. These insurance products offered by employers are paid mostly by workers. They can help employers manage their

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How to Treat Computer Vision Syndrome?

Most jobs these days require us to stare at computer screens for hours at a time, which can put a real strain on our eyes. Eye problems caused by computer usage fall under the

colored contacts

Are Colored Contacts Safe?

Are you thinking about adding a little extra fun to your costume this Halloween? Colored contacts are available in red, white, cat eye, and, really, any color you can think of and are a

protect your vision

3 Ways to Protect Your Vision

Live well: Keeping healthy, like exercising, protects against diseases of the retina. Also, eating healthy food especially antioxidant-rich produce, can delay cataracts. “What’s good for your health is good for your eyes,” says Purnima Patel,

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