Open Enrollment 2021 is Almost Here!

It’s hard to believe that Fall is almost here. And, what does Fall mean for insurance companies? Open Enrollment! Open Enrollment is a period of time when individuals or groups can enroll in a […]

Advantages to Buying Group Life Insurance


You might have life insurance automatically from your employer; many large companies do this. Your employer also might offer you the chance to buy additional life insurance under a group […]

How to Save On a Long-Term Care Insurance?


Key factors in choosing a policy Company financial stability – Because you may not collect for decades to come, be sure to buy from a company that has been around for […]

Simple Ways to Stay Focused

staying focused

Can’t concentrate? On those off days when your workflow just won’t jive, try these tips.   1. Clear your desk Pretend that your workspace is your mind. That messy desk piled high […]

New Jersey Gyms to Reopen in September

gyms reopening

New Jersey gyms will be able to reopen on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. According to, “People must sign a form when they enter the gym that says they will adhere […]

National Pancake Day: IHOP Free Pancake Day

national pancake day

March 12th is national pancake day. IHOP is throwing their annual free pancake day but they hope customers will “flip it forward for kids.” The fundraiser supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, […]

You Should Embrace Your Imperfections

motivational picture

On social media, many of us are bombarded with images portraying the perfect life. We see others excelling past us in their careers and relationships, which can often make us feel bad about our own.