What to Know About the Omicron Variant so Far?

omicron variant

The World Health Organization (WHO) on November 26 classified the COVID-19 Omicron variant as a variant of concern (VOC). The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa. It contains multiple mutations […]

Why Should You Get Life Insurance in Your 20s?

life insurance in your 20s

For most people in their early 20’s through early 30’s, life insurance doesn’t appear to be a priority because their young and may not have the responsibilities of a family […]

Why You Should Try Virtual Care

benefits being grateful

Virtual care allows you to get help for your behavioral health from the comfort of your home. Getting online help for behavioral health issues can be just as effective as […]

What to Know About Stress and Vision Problems

benefits being grateful

About 78% of Americans report feeling stressed every week, and about one in seven are stressed every day. People experience stress in different ways, and any number of life’s challenges […]

Protect Your Teeth on Turkey Day

turkey and teeth

Many people think that most of their favorite Thanksgiving foods are bad for their oral health, but you’re in luck with this holiday! From turkeys to desserts, here are the […]

4 Ways to Help with the Holiday Blues

benefits grateful

The 2021 holiday season will have a distinctly different look and feel for many of us than previous years. Whether that’s due to a loss in the family, or a […]

The Benefits of Being Grateful


Gratitude has become a buzzword in the healthy living space, and it’s more than just saying “thank you.” “Gratitude is a positive emotion, but it can’t be reduced to just […]

Who’s Eligible for the COVID-19 Booster Shot? 

covid 19 booster eligible

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the Pfizer and Moderna booster vaccines for everyone aged 18 and above. Shortly after, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]