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Trump Plans to Cut Drug Prices and Tackle the Opioid Crisis

During a speech in New Hampshire on Monday, Alex Azar, said that he and President Trump hope to drop drug prices. Azar said that the government is “going to be rolling out … a whole slate of other proposals around how we decrease the price of drugs and how we bring discounts that the middlemen right now are getting; how those will go to our patients, to individuals.”

Before Trump became president, he talked at lengths about his dislike for PhRMA. His most popular comment was, “Pharma is getting away with murder.” He believes that they are the root cause for driving U.S. drug prices higher than any other country.

During his speech in New Hampshire Monday, President Trump spoke mainly about the opioid crisis happening in America. He has been vocal about his goals to putting a stop to the opioid crisis.

President Trump said that the Department of Justice is considering suing opioid companies for their role in the national crisis.

Trump said that he is “looking very seriously into bringing major litigation against some of these drug companies.”

This can be a positive step forward in tackling the very serious opioid crisis happening throughout the U.S.

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Trump, Azar say a plan for drug prices is coming in ‘about a month’