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How to make the most out of your annual OB/GYN appointment

Visiting your OBGYN routinely is important for your health.  It can be a little overwhelming but following these tips below will ensure that you have a smooth experience at your OBGYN.

Write stuff down: Before your appointment, write down a list of things you want to ask your doctor. Make sure you include your health history, medications, family history, and other questions.

Bring your prescriptions: Either bring your prescriptions, write down what prescriptions you take, your daily dosage, and when you take them. Most health insurance carriers provide apps on phones now that provide all prescription information at the palm of your hand.

Get to your appointment early. You should be getting to all of your doctor appointments early. Most of the times you will have to fill out forms, update your health insurance information, and a PA often checks your vitals.

Create good communication with your doctor: Do not hold back on any of your symptoms, your doctors have gained a PHD and should be educated on any possible symptoms. Your doctor is there to provide you with advice and input on how to get your health in check.

Ask about the next steps: Ask your doc if you should call for your test results, when you should schedule your next appointment, and when should you get your prescriptions.

Follow up if you need to: If you have questions you forgot to ask or any concerns, pick up the phone and call your OB/GYN.

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