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Why Women Who Maintain A Healthy Weight Will Recieve Better Health Benefits

Women’s Healthy Weight Day is a time to end “Dieting” and instead embrace the goal of improving our health. End the days of feeling guilty. Stop passing on the legacy of on/off dieting. It is not empowering to our children and it is draining to their self-esteem.  End those fad diets which are impossible to sustain over any period of time.  The limited food choices can lead to malnutrition and what have they really taught us.  Work on attaining a healthy with these tips:

1.       Eat more vegetables
2.       Eat more fruits
3.       Avoid trans fats
4.       Try to eat less dairy
5.       Hydrate yourself daily
6.       Avoid fried foods
7.       Exercise at least thirty minutes a day
8.       Eat slowly
9.       Choose lean meats and alternatives like beans and tofu
10.   Get more sleep

Health insurance for women is important.  There is specific products women need that men don’t. Expenses like pre and post-hospitalization expenses, cost of health check-up at authorized centers, pre-natal and post-natal expenses, cover for newborn babies, vaccination expenses, etc.

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