Your Eyes Are the Windows to Your Health

Some say the eyes are the window to your soul, but in this case the eyes are the windows to your health. Your eyes’ physical condition can tell doctors what is ailing you and allow them to treat you quicker. Your eyes act as warning sign, telling you that something is not quite right. If the physical state of your eyes has changed, you should see a healthcare professional right away. Use Cosmo Insurance Agency’s Doctor Search by clicking here and find a quote for your vision insurance coverage by clicking here.

Catch the warning signs early by taking a look at this list and know what is happening to you.

1. Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision can be a sign of having too much sugar in your system. It is a sign that you could possibly have diabetes. If not taken care of, it could lead to diabetic retinopathy (when tiny blood vessels in your eyes leak blood and other fluids).

2. Bulging Eyes

Bulging eyes is a sign of Graves’ disease, which causes your thyroid gland to release too many hormones. It also may be accompanied by diarrhea, weight loss, and hand tremors

3. Night Blindness

Night blindness could be a sign that you are in need of prescription glasses or you are developing cataracts. It could also be due to a lack of Vitamin A, which can be treated with supplements or a diet with foods high in vitamin A, like sweet potatoes, beef liver, spinach, carrots, and pumpkins.

4. Eye Twitches

Eye twitches are common among individuals and usually caused by lack of sleep. However, they could also be caused by drinking alcohol, fatigue, caffeine, or smoking. Rarely can be a sign of a problem with your nervous system, like multiple sclerosis.
5. Rings Around Cornea

If you are young this could be a sign of high cholesterol. The condition itself is called corneal arcus, which causes a gray-white line of fat deposits to grow on the outside edge of your cornea (a clear, curved surface at the front of your eye that helps it focus).

6. Yellow-Colored Eyes

Yellow-colored eyes is a condition known as Jaundice.

7. Drooping eyes

Drooping eyes is a symptom of a disease known as myasthenia gravis, which makes your immune system attack and weaken your muscles. It affects your eye, face, and throat muscles more than others and can make it difficult to chew, swallow, or even speak. 

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