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Why Offer Pet Insurance Benefits to Your Employees?

Pet insurance could be the answer if you’re looking for the next employee benefit to add to your portfolio. Millions of Americans have adopted a pet during the last two years, and as workers quit their jobs, pet insurance is increasingly on their “must-have” list for their next job.

What is pet insurance used for?

What’s covered by a pet insurance policy depends on the specific plan.

Most comprehensive policies cover wellness exams, shots, chronic conditions, and acute injuries and illnesses. These plans are helpful, but expensive veterinary bills can still occur if a pet faces severe medical problems. For those situations, policies also exist that cover accidents, severe illnesses, hereditary conditions, and basic care like flea prevention.

Why you should offer it?

People love their furry friends, and that’s why pet insurance is an excellent employee benefit for businesses to consider offering.

While pet insurance focuses on keeping our furry friends healthy and their parents’ bills low, it can also benefit the employers that offer it. Here’s how:

1.Attract and retain talent

The war for talent is on, and pet insurance can provide employers the appeal to win over job candidates and retain their current workforce.

72% of workers say that the more benefits they receive, the happier they are at their jobs, and pet insurance can help with employee engagement. 

2.De-stress employees

Pets can help. Having a furry friend can directly improve both your physical and mental health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that pets encourage people to exercise, go outside, and socialize. Pet ownership is also linked to decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels and can help people manage depression and anxiety.

In addition to pet ownership’s advantages, pet insurance can also help ease people’s minds. An employee is more likely to focus and relax at work when they know they have an insurance policy in place that will enable them to provide their pets with affordable, high-quality care when the need arises.

3.Boost company culture

Pet insurance also allows businesses to offer a benefit that aligns with their corporate values and can boost their company culture. By providing access to affordable pet care, employers are telling their workforce, “I care about your entire family, I care about your life, and I care about your wallet.”

We are excited to share that we offer pet insurance as part of your employee benefits package. Give us a call today to get started.

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