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When Will The Next Solar Eclipse Be?

If you haven’t already heard, today August 21, 2017, was the day of a total solar eclipse. If you are in the several states that are in a direct path of the moon, then you are in a area known as the “zone of totality”. These states will have or rather should have experienced complete and total darkness today. There are about
10 to 12 million people that live along the 70-mile-wide “path of totality” and another 18 million are within driving distance of it.

The other states are experiencing another type of eclipse, a partial eclipse. 500 million people will be able to view a partial eclipse from the rest of the US, Canada, Mexico, parts of South America, and Northwestern Europe.

So when will the next total solar eclipse be?

It takes about 375 year for a total solar eclipse to occur again in the exact same location.  But don’t panic. A total solar eclipse is visible from some place on the Earth’s surface every 18 months.

If you’ve seen the solar eclipse today or have yet to see it, make sure to wear your solar filters, special solar eclipse eyewear, to protect your eyes.

The below image explains when to start using your solar filters.

Remember, even though a total solar eclipse is a rare and spectacular event, you can do some serious damage to your eyes. If you stare directly at the sun during the partial eclipse
the sun’s rays will be very powerful and have the ability to actually cook the retina in your eyes and cause you to go blind. So don’t forget those solar filters!

If you are in Cosmo Insurance Agency’s area (Lakewood), you would’ve experienced the eclipse from around 1:20 to 2:45 PM. The areas that are in this range of time include
Toms River, Asbury Park, Lakewood, Holmdel, Red Bank, Howell, Manalapan, Manasquan, Freehold, Hazlet, Middletown, Marlboro, Point Pleasant, and a few more.

If you are in any of these areas, hopefully you used the solar filters to view the eclipse. If not, Cosmo Insurance Agency offers Vision Insurance that will cover you for your next visit to your eye doctor.
Our carriers offer discounted contacts, frames, lens, and more.

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