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Tips on Getting Rid of The Flu or Cold

When you get the flu, you can be on bedrest for up to a week.  Your immune system is down, you’re stressed out, and you’re body is exhausted.  Here is how to get rid of the cold and flu and get back to your life:

Get some rest:  sleep is crucial when your body is sick.  Your body needs rest when battling the flu because you are constantly fighting the sickness.

Hydrate: Your body can be dehydrated when you have the flu.  Drinking a lot of water, green juices, and even tea helps flush toxins out of your body.  Make sure you’re drinking a ton of water to stay hydrated and beat the sickness.

– Drink this cold and flu remedy:

— 1 rib of celery

— ½ fennel bulb

— 1 thumb print size of ginger root

— 1 thumb print size of turmeric root

–1/2 cup purple or green cabbage

–1 handful of parsley

–1/2  green apple

Oil of oregano: It is a powerful anti-viral and flu remedy.

Eat nutritious foods: Fueling your body with vitamin and mineral rich food will give your body the nutrition it needs to recover from sickness.

Breath in some steam: Breathing in steam with some menthol or eucalyptus oil an open your airways, ease congestion, and make it easier to breathe.

Taking care of your body everyday is important everyday to prevent yourself from getting sick.  Follow these tips to easy your symptoms of the flu and get your body back in action.