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National Grief Awareness Day

Today, August 30, is known as National Grief Awareness Day. It is during this time that we recognize that the loss of a loved one affects people in multiple ways. There is no straight path that someone follows after a loss, but instead it is unique with lots of bumps and turns. Everyone will lose someone sometime in their life and it is necessary to take the time to heal from that loss.
Grief Awareness day was created recently in 2014 by Angie Cartwright. She had become lost in her grief and decided to dedicate herself to supporting those who have suffered like her and teaching other how to cope after the death of a loved one. Many times society forgets or rather doesn’t realize the cognitive, cultural, and philosophical difficulties that come from losing someone close. If you or a loved one have lost someone important to you, you should find a friend or someone close that you can talk to. You should never feel alone or left behind. You should work towards recovery, but do it at your own pace. If you know someone who is dealing with their own grief, be there for them. You should act as a shoulder to cry on.

Death of a loved one is an emotional burden that everyone will have to deal with. But it does not have to be a financial burden. Cosmo Insurance offers life insurance to everyone who feel that they do not want to leave their loved ones behind with debt. Contact Cosmo Insurance today to get the coverage you need to keep your family safe.

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