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Mallory’s Army: Focus on Bullying

Our sincere condolences to the parents and family of Malory Grossman, age 12, upon her sudden death. Kudos and strength to Dianne Grossman, her mom, for moving forward in creating Mallory’s Army, a fundraising to target and resolve issues of bullying amongst students.

Children that are most susceptible to bullying are those that are especially weak, smaller or larger than their peers, unpopular, are looked at as a nescience as they seek attention by being annoying to others. Bullying is inexcusable and often comes about by kids that need to prove their strength and popularity and/ or have low self-esteem. Both children at risk and bullies need to have their issues addressed.

Look out for signs of bullying such as difficulty sleeping, disinterest in school work and attendance, changes in eating habits and stomach upset and other physical signs like ruined and ripped clothing or belongings (i.e. broken glasses, ripped books). As soon as you confirm that your child is being bullied, intervene immediately and put an end to it while respecting all those involved, especially the feelings of your own child. Separate all kids involved and ensure that your child is safe by addressing the risk to a professional at the school.

Encourage children to speak openly with parents and teacher regarding their concerns at school and in general. Boost confidence by encouraging kids to enjoy their favorite hobbies and set up play dates with peers that can most compliment their nature and likes.

Seeking the help of a mental health professional can be beneficial in most cases.

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