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Life Insurance: Why It’s So Important for Young Adults

Life Insurance is important for EVERY age.  Although you may think being a young adult gives you a free pass to put off life insurance till later in life, think again.  Life happens.  Crisis situations happen when you least expect it.

Young adults usually start accumulating some debt from either student loans, house loans, credit card bills, or more.  A life insurance plan should be a priority in your life.

Here is some reasons to get life insurance as a young adult:

1. There are affordable plans: Think about it.  Life insurance premiums depend on the applicant’s health and age.  When you are young you are healthier and will receive lower premiums.

2. Life insurance will pay off funeral expenses:   The average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000.  Keep the burden off your family and sing up for health insurance in case, god forbid, something does happen to you.

3. It will also cover debt payments:  In addition to the cost of a funeral, life insurance will pay off your accumulated debt including home loans, credit card debt, student loans, etc.

4. Your workplace coverage does not work for your needs:  A life insurance policy should cater to your specific needs.

5. You are protected for life: Not only will it protect you but if you pass suddenly, your family can use your life insurance to cover everything.

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