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Life Insurance: No Exam, No Problem!

There are restrictions on exam services in many locations due to the COVID-19 pandemic have heighten the need for simple, no-exam options for life insurance.

While numerous Accelerate Underwriting programs offer an opportunity to waive labs for most individuals, not all will qualify. Many life insurance carriers also offer Non-Med, Simplified Issue, Final Expense, or Guaranteed Issue products for coverage with no exam needed.

Non-Med is most like Accelerate Underwriting. Multiple underwriting are classes are typically available, however issue age and face amount limits are generally somewhat lower. Carriers will request a traditional application or tele-interview, MVR, RX and MIB, and APS records may be ordered if necessary.

Simplified Issue is somewhat more expensive than Accelerated Underwriting or Non-Med. Carriers usually offer Non-Tobacco or Tobacco underwriting classes only, and the underwriting decision is likely to be accept or decline.

Final Expense policies are mostly limited to older ages and smaller face amounts. The application will include a limited number of questions, and the policy may only offer a graded death benefit in the first two years.

Guaranteed Issue is also limited to older ages and smaller face amounts. It is most expensive type of insurance since there are no health questions whatsoever. A couple of carriers also offer Accidental Death policies on a Guaranteed Issues basis.

There are many options available through Crump, including in New York, such as:

Term and GUL
 – A50-69, up to $1,000,000 
IUL and VUL – up to A50, $50,000-$499,999 

Simplified Issue: 
Term up to A70, up to $300,000 
GUL and IUL up to A70, up to $300,000

Final Expense: 
Whole Life – A50-70, $25,000-$100,000

Guaranteed Issue: 
Whole Life – A50-80, up to $25,000 
Accidental Death – A18-70, $50,000-$500,000 (must have a health license) 
High Limit Accidental Death – A18-75, $500,000-$500 million, coverage of three weeks to three years (must have a health license)


This pandemic shows the need for life insurance and unfortunately demonstrates how many do not have adequate coverage. In today’s environment, there are still many insurance options available that don’t include exams for those who need coverage. Contact a life insurance rep at Cosmo Insurance for more information to get the coverage you need!


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