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How Donating Blood Saved 177 Lives

There are numerous blood drives that take place throughout New Jersey every year. Over the weekend, about one hundred people came together at the Hudson Mall in Jersey City to donate blood. It was an unexpected large turnout, especially for a Saturday afternoon. But these people took time out of their days to come in and roll up their sleeves. With such a simple and easy process, the Hudson County residents were able to save lives by giving up some of their time and blood. For their services, the blood donors were rewarded with two free tickets for an upcoming 2017 Mets’ game.

 This large outcome has brought about another Blood Drive to be scheduled at the mall on Route 440. According to New York Blood Services officials, the blood donors donated enough blood to save up to 177 lives, which is about 59 pints of blood. The pints of blood that are donated are actually divided by their primary components. The blood is put into three different categories; red blood cells, plasma, and platelets each which could be placed into three different patients. It is blood drives like the one in Hudson County are a great way to get involved and help out patients indirectly.

Raising awareness and providing service in the healthcare industry is a key part of Cosmo Insurance Agency’s mission. To be able to donate blood its important to have good general health.

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