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Heavy Drinking May Lead to Early On Set Dementia

Drinking heavily can possibly lead to early on set dementia

Drinking heavily can lead to early on set dementia, study finds.

The study followed around 31 million hospitals in France with more than 1 million patients who were diagnosed with dementia. About five percent of the dementia patients had early onset dementia and according to the study, most of the cases were alcohol related.

“Chronic heavy drinking was the most important modifiable risk factor for dementia onset in both genders and remained so after controlling for all known risk factors for dementia onset,” said lead study author Dr. Michael Schwarzinger, chief executive officer of Translational Health Economics Network.

The study supports the fact that chronic heavy drinking does lead to irreversible damage.

Other studies show that light to moderate alcohol use leads to a healthier brain.

The study concluded:

Early onset dementia cases: About 39 percent of these cases were attributable to alcohol-related brain damage, and another 18 percent were tied to other alcohol use disorders.

Drinking should be done in moderation. Heavy drinking can lead to other issues in the body including dementia.

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Drinking problems tied to higher risk of early dementia