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Health And Wellness Benefits are Most Important to Millennials

According to Employee Benefits Consultants Loretta Metzger and John Milne, Millennials may not understand their medical plans but they do look for an employer that has a culture of wellness and good health. Millennials, overall, are more health conscious seeking out health focused stores and restaurants. An employer that offers benefits or a health program is more likely to attract millennials and keep them part of their team.

Their advice to employers is to introduce creative resources for financial wellness. Show millennial employees to educational websites and mobile apps. Give millennials resources for modern fitness alternatives to the normal treadmill and gym workouts. Millennials have new interests diet trends like paleo, gluten free, and veganism. Employers are catering to these trends. Promote these qualities because they are important to the generations to come.

Other important workplace qualities for millennials are:

  • a search for meaning: they want work that has meaning and a reason to be there. They hope to make an impact on the community and hopefully make a difference in the world.
  • workplace flexibility: this is the top concern in the work place.
  • digital transformation: the most tech savvy generation, they’ve grown up with technology and expect to have it at work.
  • self-service for benefits: millennials want options when choosing benefits. They want the option to personalize their benefits too.

Millennials and Employee Benefits: Generational Differences Matter