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Focus on Health this Mother’s Day

Moms are notorious for working themselves to the bone and putting all their energy into making sure their family is happy and healthy. Often this means they put the sleep, nutrition, and doctor appointments of their family members ahead of their own. This can lead to missing preventable issues and developing depression and anxiety.  We have 4 ways you can give your wife or mother the gift of good health this Mother’s Day.

1.       Give her a Day of Rest
Guarantee to her that she gets 1 full day to herself. She can read a book, take a bath, or take a nap- whatever she chooses. She gets one day without carrying anyone around, needing to clean the house, or make anyone’s meals. If there are small children in the home that don’t sleep well, this can be especially beneficial. Moms who are sleep deprived are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, and heart issues among other things that are likely to deteriorate one’s quality of life. Whether this is at home or in a hotel room, a day of rest can be just what the doctor ordered.

2.       A Trip to the Spa
Massage and skin treatments can help your wife or mom relax, improve their skin health, improve circulation, and alleviate back pain. This is something many moms put off or will never buy for themselves because they are focused on putting their kids and their needs first. It is a gift she will be very grateful though, and it will help her come home feeling recharged and healthy.

3.       A Gift Basket
Discover her favorite scents and soaps, and create a basket filled with them. Then encourage her to take a bath and pamper herself with whenever she feels over stressed. Stress can cause heart problems and stroke, and taking just a little bit of relaxation time can reduce the chances of developing problems as women get older.

4.       A Card with a Promise

Moms worry about everyone else, and it’s time for everyone else to give her the same amount of consideration. When your wife plans the kids’ or your doctor appointments, remind her to schedule her own. Promise to take the kids so she can attend her doctor appointments alone. Be available to communicate and help to alleviate her stress and create balance in the home that will be good for everyone’s health.

Moms are important, and the deserve appreciation and attention. If you’re a mom, make sure you’re taking the time to see doctors for preventative care and if you have any issues. If you need a doctor, see our doctor search tool or call Cosmo Insurance at 732-363-3888 today.