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CHIP May Not be Available For Families Soon

CHIP serves around 9 million children whose parents earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but who can’t afford insurance for their children on the open market.  CHIP has still not been funded by Congress.  There has been no sign of funding plans in the immediate future. There were hopes of long term funding for the program to be added to a short term bill passes on December 7th, but it never happened. Instead the short term bill allowed some reserved money to be used by states whose CHIP funding is running out.

  States have started notifying families at the end of November that they might need to start looking for other options. Unfortunately there are many children who rely on the insurance that CHIP gives them.  Families are waiting for CHIP to be re-funded.  States are hoping that funding will happen soon because a lot of children’s lives are at stake.

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