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An Alternative Loan Option

One of Cosmo Insurance Agency’s carriers, AXA, has announced a new alternative loan option with all new issues of their Indexed Universal Life policy. BrightLife® Grow provides the potential for tax-deferred growth while being able to access the policy through loans and withdrawals. The loan option will allow clients to benefit from the upside potential of index-linked performance. Other features can be also added to BrightLife® Grow to tailor the policy to the client’s specific needs or intentions. One of these features include the Long-Term Care Service Rider, which has is most competitive and flexible long-term care riders in the industry.

Other important features of BrightLife® Protect:

A Competitive long-term care rider.

By applying for added flexibility and protection under the Long-Term Care Services℠Rider, one of the most competitive in the industry, clients can help prepare for the unexpected.

Cash value flexibility.

Clients can help build more wealth with a growth component to their protection. Potential growth is tied to a market index up to a cap, with a downside protection and the advantages of tax deferral. Plus, they can actually use that wealth by taking cash value withdrawals, if their circumstances change.

Cost-effective death benefit.

Provides one of the most cost-effective protection policies available, with a death benefit for one of the lowest projected costs in the industry.
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