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Americas Health Rankings, Which State is The Healthiest?

The United Health Foundation released its annual report of the healthiest and unhealthiest states in the US.  The report looks at 35 measuremnets including behaviors, community and environment, policy, clinical care and outcomes data. The yearly report measures progress and a drive action for improving public health.

Premature death rates, cardiovascular death, and drug deaths all increased in the US this year.  Mortality rates also increased in many states.  Massachusetts is ranked the healthiest state but has a large increase in the drug death rate this year.

This year’s report looked at the concentration of key health care providers and found wide variations across the country.  Massachusetts has the highest concentration of mental health providers, Alabama has the lowest.  Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island have more than 200 primary care physicians per 100,000 populations.  Utah and Idaho have fewer than 100 primary care physicians per 100,000.  Massachusetts and New Jersey have more than 80 dentists per 100,000 populations.  Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Delaware have fewer than 45 dentists per 1000,000 populations.

Here is the rest of the line-up for Americas Health Ranking by State

1.       Massachusetts                                 

2.       Hawaii                                              

3.       Vermont                                           

4.       Utah

5.       Connecticut

6.       Minnesota

7.       Colorado

8.       New Hampshire

9.       Washington

10.   New York

11.   Rhode Island

12.   New Jersey

13.   Nebraska

14.   Idaho

15.   Iowa

16.   Maryland

17.   California

18.   North Dakota

19.   Virginia

20.   Oregon

21.   Wisconsin

22.   Montana

23.   Maine

24.   South Dakota

25.   Kansas

26.   Wyoming

27.   Illionois

28.   Pennsylvania

29.   Alaska

30.   Delaware

31.   Arizona

32.   Florida

33.   North Carolina

34.   Texas

35.   Michigan

36.   New Mexico

37.   Nevada

38.   Indiana

39.   Ohio

40.   Missouri

41.   Georgia

42.   Kentucky

43.   Oklahoma

44.   South Carolina

45.   Tennessee

46.   West Virginia

47.   Alabama

48.   Arkansas

49.   Louisiana

50.   Mississippi