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A Shortage of Doctors in New Jersey?

New Jersey is currently in an uneasy state in regards to their medical industry. Right now in the garden state the medical system is struggling, there is a shortage in regards to the amount of primary care doctors, new residency programs, building new medical schools, and searching for new options to ease the doctors’ workload.

What is the cause?

Obamacare has pushed consumers to see a primary doctor and take preventative steps that will avoid costly illnesses down the road. But this is difficult to put into practice; there is a ratio of 1,170:1 of doctor to people according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a Plainsboro-based charitable organization that studies health care.
Especially with the Congress unable to decide on funding, the future is shakier than ever. But the shortage isn’t everywhere. Monmouth County in New Jersey has 890 primary care doctors for every resident, making it one of the best-performing counties nationwide.

What is the solution?
Right now, there isn’t one particular solution, but we do know what New Jersey needs. New Jersey will need an additional 1,116 primary care physicians by 2030. The report was created by the Robert Graham Center, who noted that this change is a 17 percent increase from 2010.

Did you know?

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