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A Mother of Two Dies From The Flu After Deciding Not To Purchase Flu Drugs Because of the High Cost

A woman from Texas passed on Sunday from flu complications after reportedly deciding that the flu medication she was offered was too expensive.  Heather Holland was a wife and mother of two young children.

“She wouldn’t go get medicine because she’s a mama. Mamas are tough. She just kept going. She had a job; she had kids,” Holland’s pastor, Clark Bosher, told Fox 2. “I think any mom does that. I don’t think she is being irresponsible. I don’t think she thought she was that sick. It happened so quick.”

After being sick for about a week, Heather’s husband picked up the flu drugs on Thursday.  It was too late, she was put on dialysis shortly after he bought the drugs.

This flu season has been deadly.  The flu has taken hundreds of lives in America.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acting Director Dr. Anne Schuchat said the center has seen “increased influenza-like activity, more hospitalizations and tragically, more flu-associated deaths in children and adults.”

Over sixty children have died from the flu this season. This story is an eye opener for many people who have not been vaccinated yet.  Get covered, get the flu shot, and take measures to stop the spreading of the flu virus.

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