6 Signs You Should Not Ignore

Every once in awhile, you start to feel sick, whether its sneezing, coughing, or throat irritation. People usually have these symptoms for a brief amount of time without it ever getting serious or considering that the symptom could be life-threatening. If you suddenly have an onset of a severe symptom such as the ones listed below, you should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. You should not wait until its get worse or see if it goes away on its own. Self-care measures can help avoid serious problems later down the line. If you are suffering from any one of these 6 symptoms, you may have the early signs of a serious medical condition. Your healthcare is essential to living as the best version of yourself.

1. Chest pain
Unexplained Chest pain can be a symptom of a lung infection or acid reflux. In a more severe case, it could also be symptoms of a heart attack. If the chest pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or sweating, you should see a medical professional immediately. 

2. Shortness of breath
If you display shortness of breath as a symptom, you could unknowingly have a very serious health condition. You could possibly have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, as well as other heart and lung problems.

3. Blood in your Urine
Blood in your urine could be a sign of a few things. It could be kidney stones, if you have immense pain in your sign along with the symptom of blood in your urine. It could also be signs of either a bladder or kidney infection if you also feel an urgency to pee. 

4. Unexplained weight loss
Some people are excited to lose a few extra pounds, but if you are going about your normal daily activities and losing a significant amount of weight, something isn’t right. This unexplained symptom could be the result of an overactive thyroid, diabetes, or liver cancer.

5. Dizziness or weakness
Sudden weakness of a limb or facial muscle should be looked at immediately as it could be a sign of an oncoming stroke. Continuous symptoms of dizziness could also be related to a large amount of health conditions; such as, infections, cardiac and neurological conditions.

6. Headaches
A severe headache is also a symptom of a stroke, but if it is partnered with stiffness or a high fever it could be a symptom of the disease meningitis. Meningitis is uncommon, but if you have early symptoms of the disease it is best to seek medical care as soon as possible.

Don’t let symptoms like these go on without speaking to a medical professional.

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