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5 Ways to Build Better Employee Engagement

Positive employee engagement creates a beneficial domino effect. It strengthens the workplace culture and helps the work being performed for clients and customers. Although you’ll also want to hear directly from the employees themselves regarding their job satisfaction, several best practices help build employee engagement. 

Here are five areas of employee benefit services that can help you build better employee engagement.

Conduct employee satisfaction surveys

These can be conducted at the end of the year or provided to employees during an exit interview. Include the following topics: career development, leadership capabilities, and other areas to gauge employee satisfaction as well as engagement.

After conducting the surveys, gather the data and meet as a leadership team to discuss an action plan. Employees who are subject to an employee satisfaction survey without seeing any real change will only become increasingly frustrated and even less engaged. Once you’ve prioritized key action items of improving employee engagement, communicate them with your team with set deadlines to encourage trust and promote accountability.

Invite feedback on all levels

Every employee has their own preferred communication style. Providing multiple opportunities for employees to communicate their concerns or ideas can spark meaningful conversations and lead to significant change.

Encourage employee feedback through a group setting, one-to-one manager meetings, or formal meetings with HR. 

Statistics show 83% of employees appreciate receiving feedback, positive or negative. However communication is handled, it helps build a culture where all employees feel like their voice is heard and their feedback and contribution matter.

Practice company values

Nothing disengages employees faster than when what’s being preached is not being practiced. Review company core values and confirm leadership actions align with what they entail. For example, if one of the company values is autonomy and there are recurring problems with micromanagement, it doesn’t instill confidence in employees to fully invest their time or effort.

Recognize employee achievements

Research shows organizations providing regular recognition have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. As with communicating feedback, there are various ways to provide recognition. Some enjoy a private verbal acknowledgment from their manager, while others appreciate some type of set reward structure. Knowing what drives employees most helps create a recognition and reward program that resonates. Sometimes a genuine appreciation for a job well done can make the biggest difference.

Focus on employee health and well-being

Creating a safe environment is an important part of creating better employee engagement. Identifying and eliminating toxic behaviors can help prevent employee burnout and voluntary resignations. Certain benefits like flexible scheduling and remote work options put employees in charge of performing at their best without fear.

Numerous studies show engaged employees are more productive and invested in their time at the company. However, employers often wait until workers leave to activate strategies that could’ve made the difference in them staying longer. Therefore, an ongoing solution is necessary to maintain high employee retention, achieve company growth, and create a happier workplace.

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