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World Meat Free Day: Celebrating The Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

“If the world continues consuming meat at its current rate, we’d soon need 3 Earths just to feed us. Even if the world could stop food waste entirely, food production would still need to increase by 60 percent in order to feed this larger, wealthier and urban population. That means a meat production of over 200 million tons at the current rate of consumption.” – The organizers of World Meat Free Day

Today is World Meat Free Day.  Today is about cutting down on meat to encourage a more sustainable earth and reduce the consumption of animal products. 

Not only is reducing the amount of meat in your diet good for the earth, it is also great for your health too.

Here are six benefits of cutting meat out of your diet:

1. High in antioxidants and Vitamins: Almost all plant-based foods are high in beneficial vitamins and minerals.  Nutrient dense diets are very beneficial to your health and helps protect you against illnesses. 
2. Supports Heart Health: Plant-based foods are a great asset to lowering your cholesterol.  Cutting meat out of your diet will rid your body of the fat and cholesterol that come with eating animal products.
3. Provides digestive enzymes: If you choose to include a good amount raw foods in your diet, you’ll benefit from obtaining higher amounts of enzymes that serve many purposes.
4. Eliminates additives and byproducts that are found in meat: According to, “When meat is cooked at high temperatures, certain chemical compounds called heterocyclic amines can be created that may have carcinogenic effects. Recently published research has pointed to a link between consumption of highly processed meat products and higher risk for cancer. The higher the cooking temperature of meat, the greater chance of these byproducts being created.”
5. Helps you lose weight: If you follow a diet centered around consuming vegetables and fruits, you are bound to live a healthy life.

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