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Why Should You Be Calling Cosmo Insurance Agency?

Why should you be calling Cosmo Insurance Agency brokers?

Cosmo Insurance Agency has a reputable team of brokers who provide exceptional service with hands on approach.  We have experienced the ups and downs of the economy, the changing of politics, and the health insurance market.  We handle all that has come our way including the changes the Trump Administration is putting in effect.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional service.  We have top brokers with knowledge in every single insurance plan, whether it’s a group plan, individual plan, or business plan.  Cosmo Insurance Agency can provide guidance for you while you’re choosing your health coverage plan.  We hope to provide better benefits, lower premiums, and happy clients.

Our hands on policy incudes:

-COBRA notification

-3rd party collection of premiums

-Reimbursement processing for out of network services

-knowledge on every single health insurance plan

-dedication to service and satisfactory

We can answer any questions you have on health coverage, what the best plan is for you, and how you can save money.  Please feel free to call us at any time at 732-363-3888.


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