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What Preventative Care Screenings are Covered Under the ACA?

If you’re a healthy person, you may wonder why you’re required to buy health insurance. For some, it may seem like money would be better spent elsewhere. But just because you’ve enjoyed good health until this point, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter health issues down the road.

Some illnesses and other health concerns may be present within your body long before you notice any symptoms. And by the time you do notice, it may be more difficult—or even too late—to treat. That’s what makes preventative screenings so important. And since the Affordable Care Act was passed, that health insurance policy you weren’t so sure about can cover certain screenings at no cost to you.

Apart from treating illnesses once they present themselves, you doctor can also help monitor your overall health with each annual checkup. This is a good way to catch any potential issues before they become worse later on.

So long as you visit in-network healthcare providers, the following preventative services may be offered at no cost.

Annual physicals
Certain approved immunizations
Cholesterol screening
Blood pressure screening
Breast cancer mammography screening
Cervical cancer screening
Colorectal cancer screening
Anemia screening
Urinary tract or other infection screening
Osteoporosis screening
Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
Diabetes (Type 2) screening
Gestational diabetes screening
Contraception and counseling
Preventive services for children
Certain approved immunizations
Vision screening
Sickle cell screening
Autism screening
Developmental screening and behavioral assessments

Since health insurance is required of everyone, you might as well take advantage of what it can offer you and your family. Contact your insurance agent to learn more about available plans and which of your trusted doctors are already in-network.

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