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Viola Davis Speaks the Truth of Being Denied Health Care

 The American Civil Liberties Union hosted a Bill of Rights Awards gala inviting all walks of life to attend.  Viola Davis shared a story about how her father was denied healthcare while suffering through a gall bladder infection.
She shares this gut wrenching story to the crowd, “He had an infection and he walked three miles to the hospital in 12-degree weather, He got to the hospital to sit for another five hours before the doctor said, ‘You got to go home, you look like a drug addict…He leaves the hospital. He walked three miles back home. He sits for another three days before gangrene start setting in and he walked back to the hospital and they finally admitted him.  That is the dignity being taken away from you when you don’t have any money. You don’t have access to health care. You have no food.”

   Viola Davis has not been shy about sharing her experience as a child living in poverty.  She hopes to help change the way healthcare is shared.

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