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Reasons Why Single People Do Not Purchase Health Insurance And Why They Should

Top reasons single people do not purchase health insurance and why they should

It is too expensive:

Yes, health insurance is expensive. But, think of it this way, even if you save up money to cover health care bills, you still have other bills to pay. Health care bills at up quick, especially if something astronomical happens to you. Having health insurance truly does cut the prices back a lot.

It does not cover all of the health care needs that I have now, or might have in the future:

A good health insurance broker can find you a plan that will work for you. That is what brokers are here for. They look into every option and help you choose the right one that is right for you. They look into what plans cover the medical problems you have.

The process of finding the right health insurance is too complicated:

It really is not. Doing a lit bit of research can go a long way. There is a ton of credible information on health carrier websites and Brokers are an open book when it comes to health insurance. They are trained to help any individual or business looking for health insurance.

I have a specific health issue that was not covered satisfactorily in the past, so I’m not inclined to buy health insurance again:

All policies are different. Different policies cover different things. Research different plans to see what they cover.

I am healthy and do not need health insurance:

If you are healthy, then yes that may be true. But what if something happens? There will come a time when you need health insurance. Humans get sick and need to see a doctor, and a doctor’s visit costs money.

The government will give you free insurance through Obamacare:

That is completely false. The government will not give out free health insurance. Unless you are very poor, that is not an option.

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Top 8 reasons single people don’t buy health insurance