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It’s Time. Republicans And Democrats, A Bipartisan Agreement In The Making

Everyone in America is wondering if there be bipartisan agreement on fixing the country’s health care system? On September 6 and 7, Republican and Democratic senator will officially gather for the first time to examine ways to stabilize the Obamacare marketplace. The main matter that will be discussed is – that many Americans may have no options on the Obamacare exchange in their area in 2018.  

They will also be discussing the fact that insurers are hiking premiums for 2018 and other insurers are fleeing. The reason behind this chaos is that the Trump administration won’t commit to continue paying a key Obamacare subsidy. Insurers, along with governors and insurance commissioners, have been pressing the administration to guarantee these cost-sharing reduction payments will be made through 2018.

Since the failed Senate vote earlier, there have been growing calls on both sides of the political aisle to start fresh discussions to fix Obamacare on a bipartisan basis.

We will find out the results of the examination in due time and hopefully have a new solution to the current healthcare system.

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