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virtual Desktop Day

How to Celebrate Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Today is National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, everyone should celebrate this day especially at a time when so much of life and business is online. Here are some great tips to help you clear up your computer desktop and make one part of your life less stressful.

Create folders and sub folders

If your desktop looks like someone spilled confetti on it, this can become overwhelming. So this step is important. Start creating folders and move EVERYTHING into it. This way, you only have one icon on the desktop.

Delete old files

You probably have loads of things you’ve downloaded to share or save elsewhere but left on your desktop for a long time after you used it. Delete them!

Or if you can’t bear to throw anything away, create a “probably deletable” folder. Drag in anything that you probably will never touch again so they’re not cluttering your screen.

Set a reminder in your calendar to look reevaluate your that folder, if in one year you have not opened that folder, just hit delete!

Schedule a regular clear-up

Keeping a clean desktop is a bit like keeping your room tidy. If you only do it once in a while, you’ll have a very long, difficult, boring, depressing job in front of you.

But if you do a little bit of tidying regularly, you might never have to celebrate Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day again!

Set a reminder in your calendar once a week or once a month to do a little “housework” on your desktop. Clear up your downloads, and delete anything you don’t need, then breathe a sigh of relief.

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