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Help Protect Your Employees With Life Insurance

Group life insurance shows employees you value what matters most to them and their loved ones.

Many employers offering employee benefits consider group term life insurance an essential part of their benefits package. Why? It provides employees with a basic level of protection. Plus, adding voluntary term life insurance to your benefits package allows employees to purchase additional coverage for themselves and coverage for their dependents.

Who pays the insurance premium?
You can choose to pay for all, part, or none of the premium with Principal life insurance. If your budget is tight, employees could pick up the entire cost of premium with voluntary term life insurance.

What is life insurance?
When employees have life insurance, it helps them financially protect their loved ones if the unthinkable should happen. Life insurance provides a payment, also known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries after the insured person’s death.

Why offer group life insurance?
No matter what stage of life your employees are in, they appreciate having life insurance to protect their loved ones. In fact, life insurance is an important part of many families’ long-term financial plan.

Plus, offering group life insurance enhances your benefits package. And great employee benefits can help you attract and keep quality employees.

How does group life insurance work?
Life insurance helps your employees put the people in their lives first. If an employee passed away, the life insurance proceeds would go to the people designated as beneficiaries. Those funds can help loved ones manage financial obligations, such as: funeral expenses, mortgage or rent, college funding, daily living expenses, and more.

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