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Healthcare Reform: Doctors Against The ACA repeal

The latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act is gaining more opposition as time goes by. The Graham-Cassidy bill allows states to control their own health-care markets. Rather than funding Medicaid and subsidies directly, that money would be put into a block grant that a state could use to develop any health-care system it wants. The U.S’s largest group of doctors, the American Medical Association, has announced their strong opposition to the bill that is set up to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The American Medical Association has recommended that Congress ensure that any efforts to replace portions of the ACA would not leave currently insured individuals without coverage. Any legislation must maintain essentials of the ACA, including coverage for pre-existing conditions, parental coverage for young adults, stabilization and strengthening of the individual insurance market, affordable and meaningful coverage and guarantees that Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and other safety-net programs are funded, the group said in a letter to the public.

The Senate has ruled that the budget resolution that authorized passage of Obamacare repeal through reconciliation expires at the end of September.

Republicans, who hold a 52-seat majority in the Senate, need at least 50 GOP senators to vote for the bill for it to win passage. No Democrat or independent is expected to support the legislation.

With only a week left in September to decide on a replacement for Obamacare, tensions are high and the future of the healthcare system is uncertain.

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