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health vs dental insurance

Health Insurance vs. Dental Insurance

The word on the street is that many believe dental insurance is a WASTE of money and time. People have this conception that dental insurance is not WORTH it because it pays out very little and most dentist don’t accept it. But this is a huge misconception! We get calls from our existing dental clients about how its forces them to see their dentist twice a year and they love it because it helps them maintain positive oral hygiene.

When purchasing dental insurance focus on finding a plan that takes your dentist or give your broker all the information and he/she will find you a plan that fits all your needs and allows you to see the dentist you love.

The larger the group the better the rates and more options that will be included. Lately, individual plans have come out competing with business platforms, which is great!

Health Insurance vs. Dental Insurance

Most people don’t think twice when paying for health insurance because they feel with health insurance, they are covered for much more meaning, doctors, specialists, hospitalization, outpatient centers and so forth. When searching for health insurance, must people focus on the network coverage not usually for a particular doctor.

True! Dental insurance only used for 2 doctors, a dentist and an oral surgeon. Most people will not change dentist unless they move or if the dentist is no longer in business. That’s why we strongly suggest when buying dental coverage, you should 100% focus on the dentist. If your dentist is not in your network then that plan will not benefit you and therefore will fit the misconception and become a waste of money, unless you have out-of-network coverage.

Dental insurance works almost the same as health insurance plans, your pay a specific monthly premium and therefore are entitled to certain benefits, such as regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays and other services that strives to promote general dental health. All plans are different, some will provide broader coverage and others can require more financial contribution on the individuals part.

Lastly, dental insurance is essential for your health and your teeth and gums will thank you for it over and over. Make the most of your smile. It’s the only one you have.

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