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Caregivers: Follow these ways to avoid stress and burnout

Caregivers: Follow these ways to avoid stress and burnout

Take a couple minutes to focus on yourself everyday

Practice yoga when you first wake up or meditate for fifteen minutes in the morning.  Both are proven methods to help you de stress and it will help you be a better caregiver.

Know your limits

Make a list of things you need to take care of during the week.  List things like dressing and bathing a loved one, cooking, and household chores.  Set your boundaries and say no when you need to.

Stick to your routine

Having a set routine everyday can make your life simpler.   This will help you feel in control and your loved one will know what to expect.  Those suffering with dementia can significantly benefit from a routine. 

Ask for help

Taking a break for even thirty minutes can be perfect for recharging.  Reach out to family or friends to call when you need a break. Adult day-care centers can give you some time to breath while your loved one enjoys some social activity. 

Get your sleep

Get enough sleep at night. Practice relaxation exercises and deep breathing before sleeping.  If your loved one sleeps during the day but is awake much of the night, try to take naps. You may need to hire an aide or ask a friend or relative to stay with your loved one overnight so you can get a good night’s rest.


At some point, we all worry about aging and the time our life savings will deplete, or we’ll be a burden on our children to assist us physically and/ or financially.

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance will give you the protection you will need. A LTC plan benefits will kick in at any point that you can no longer independently perform two of the six “activities of daily living”: eating, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, getting in and out of a chair, and maintaining continence.

LTC will provide coverage for home aides and therapy, nursing home care, or assisted living. Once you are eligible for LTC benefits, you no longer pay premiums!