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Aging Eyes: How Your Vision Changes Over Time and Why

Over time, individuals’ vision deteriorates and they never understand why. Suddenly, you realize the words on the highway signs are blurry and you’re squinting to see which exit to take. Then one day, you can’t even read the items on the menu at your favorite restaurant and have to ask a friend to read off the main entrees. You have to get your eyes checked and find out your eye sight has diminished over time. Make sure to have vision insurance at the time because good eyesight is costly. You can get a vision insurance quote from Cosmo Insurance Agency by clicking here.

Now these are some of the reasons why you’ll need it:

Technology overload, sunlight, and presbyopia:

Everyday people are staring at computer monitors, smartphones, and video game screens. This results in strained, dry, and tired eyes.  In order to prevent eye strain, adjust your computer monitor so that it’s 2 feet in front of you. Use desk lighting and take a break every hour. Spend a few minutes looking at something much farther away than your screen.

Light from the sun hurts your eyes whether you realize it or not causes damage over time. To maintain your vision and overall eye health, wear sunglasses that have UV protection.

If you have had good eye sight all your life and then suddenly hit 40 and you suddenly need glasses, it is due vision change is called presbyopia, and it’s normal. You can wear reading glasses, bifocals, or multifocal contact lenses to correct your vision.

So why does this happen?

Before the age of 40, the natural lens of the eye is very flexible. This helps the lens focus on objects that are close up or far away. But as we get older, the lens tends to lose its flexibility causing the need for corrective lenses.

Other: Disease-related causesDiabetes and high blood pressure can also affect vision and eye health. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness in adults. People with diabetes may develop retinopathy (damage to blood vessels in the retina). While high blood pressure can damage the eye’s blood vessels and nerves.

Whatever the reason, Cosmo Insurance Agency will make getting vision coverage easy for you. Our team has mastered every detail of the insurance process and will walk you through to the end, so you can be 100% confident when signing on the dotted line.

Cosmo’s dedicated service doesn’t end with the selection and signing of your policy. Our staff maintains close contact and is always only a quick phone call away for questions or concerns relating to billing, provider issues, claims or reimbursements and your insurance renewal.

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