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What Is a Health Insurance Broker?

A health insurance broker is a licensed benefits professional who can help you research, buy, set up, and manage your health insurance experience from start to finish. 

Brokers exist in lots of professions: Insurance, finance, real estate, and more. However, health insurance brokers are a different type altogether. Their job is to educate and advise you on your plan selection to help you lower your risk and make wise decisions. Whether it’s a great network, affordable price, or something else, they use your qualifications as their guiding light. They don’t work for a particular company or plan type, since their goal is finding you exactly what you need. While they make a commission, insurance brokers are typically independent agencies working with multiple insurance companies.

What to look for in a broker

There are countless health insurance brokers out there, just waiting to help you out. Search for a broker who listens to your needs, and can then keep that top of mind while they’re evaluating all the different coverage options out there. A good broker will then make recommendations and find plans that neatly fit your needs and budget. Working with a health insurance advisor can save you a lot of heartache throughout the entire benefits experience. 

Cosmo Insurance Agency is an independent health insurance agency. Our brokers pair you with the best plan that meets each individual’s needs. Each broker’s goal is to help you select the best health plan for you and guide you through the whole process. Our brokers are there for you even after you sign the dotted line. If you receive a claim and need help fighting it, no worries, give us a call, and we will fight for you. 

Cosmo Insurance Agency is a full-service independent insurance agency based in Hackensack (Bergen County) and Lakewood (Ocean County), New Jersey that offers an all-encompassing range of insurance options for both individuals and businesses. Cosmo keeps its promise to assure an efficient and creative approach to the services we offer. Each of our clients experience a personalized and long-term relationship with us. Our New Jersey based team of health brokers guides our clients in helping them choose the most cost-effective options. By incorporating our knowledge of the insurance guidelines for healthcare, employee benefits, life insurance, self-insurance, dental, disability, and long term care insurance, we keep our clients up-to-date with affordable plans that cover all their specific insurance needs.