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The Affiliated Physicians And Employers Health Plan 2018 Wellness Program

APEHP is offering its employers and members a wellness program that can benefit the members and also the employer groups.

If an Employer chooses to participate in the Wellness Program, they will be given incentives if their enrolled employees complete the program successfully.

If 80% of the groups’ employees enroll in the wellness program and 80% of the enrollees in the program complete it successfully in the allotted time frame, they will be qualified for a premium award of up to 1% of their paid health care fees.

Employee Participation

Enrolled members who are 18 and older, can receive a $50 cash reward for completing all of the following Health Actions.

Health Assessment Questionarie

Annual Preventive Office visit

Biometric Screenings, minimum of

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening
  • Cholesterol & Glucose Sreening

Colorectal Screening

Mammography Screening

Why are wellness programs so important? Some of the ways a Workplace Wellness Program benefits EMPLOYEES are;

improving their physical strength, stamina, and general well being

improving their focus at work

increasing job satisfaction and fostering a positive outlook on life

bettering relations with co-workers and supervisors

Some of the ways a Workplace Wellness Program benefits EMPLOYERS are;

attract and retain good employees, reduce turnover

improve productivity

reduced absenteeism

job satisfaction, employee morale and fosters stronger organizational commitments

enhance your corporate image and long-term interests by promoting health beyond the workplace

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