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Why You Might Want to Invest on an Employee Benefits Administrator

A benefits administrator selects, manages and administers employee benefits programs.  A good benefits administrator creates and maintains an enrollment profile for every employee, keeping track of information such as the date hired, marital status, number of dependents, total hours worked, and attendance records. This occupation is a specialty discipline in the field of human resources. Here are some reasons why having a Employee Benefits Administrator will benefit your business:

They will reduce employee stress, fatigue, and frustration with benefits: Employees often stress about health insurance and the costs of plans. Benefits Administrators reduce stress levels which result in better job performance and abilities to complete tasks.

They have industry connections: Everyone can agree that it pays to know someone who knows someone.  Connections are everything.   Their connections to health insurance professionals result in low-cost healthcare plans with high reward for your employees you might not otherwise have access to.

They have software that makes it easier: Benefits administrator software will help manage and save employers money.

Hiring them helps the HR team: Benefits Administrators also take some of the load off the HR team regarding the open enrollment period. Anyone who has undergone this period knows how frustrating this time can be – and how much planning ahead is required to stay within the company’s budget.

One for all: Benefits administrators are experts in their industry.  On top of their responsibilities such as payroll reductions and reflecting non-compliance, they work to save the company money and time.  They can reach out to brokers like Cosmo Insurance to receive the best quotes on health insurance plans.

Cosmo insurance agency has experience providing group health insurance in New Jersey to businesses ranging in size from 2 to 5,000 individuals – all with the same creativity and personal attention that will take the headache off your human resources. We have particular expertise helping businesses navigate the complex Affordable Care Act regulations, which affect groups of over 50 or 100 employees, depending on the state.