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Technology is The Future of The Healthcare Business Model

The current healthcare business model is focused on cost and long-term goals.  These are very valuable points of interest but the demand for quality health care and accessibility is becoming more significant.  Technology can be used to help many things including healthcare.  We are seeing huge changes in the way healthcare works by technology giants like Amazon, Google, and the recent CVS Health and Aetna deal.  Here are some reasons why Consumer Technology companies will redesign the way healthcare works.

-There is so much potential for healthcare to have a digital transformation:  With new apps coming out like DispatchHealth, there is proof that technology can provide easy access and quality healthcare.

-Technology giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have brand recognition and existing relationships with patients and caregivers that can make it easier to turn healthcare over to technology.  Even a company like Apple has cash to use for health care research and innovation.

-Consumer technology companies can start fresh.  Technology companies have no bias when it comes to health care.  Their names are not attached to the healthcare industries conflicts of interests.

-There can be collaborations with existing businesses.  Establishing a strong position in healthcare can be useful for existing business models like Google’s search business and Amazons retail business.

-The market is huge.