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CVS Health Buys Aetna for $69 Billion

CVS Health has just bought Aetna for a whopping $69 billion, a purchase that could possible change America’s health care industry. The deal creates a new type of company that puts the consumer at the center of health care delivery. This new company includes a health insurer, a retail pharmacy, and a company that negotiates prescription drug prices with drug makers. There is also some speculation that Amazon might be getting into the pharmacy business.

What does this all mean for consumers? This deal can make it easier for people to monitor diseases without having to see a doctor. CVS CEO Larry Merlo said that “Combined resources of CVS and Aetna can make the pharmacies and walk-in clinics kind of like the medical version of the Genius Bar at Apple Stores, with experts dispensing quick, convenient and reliable health care knowledge.” Examples of what patients can get when visiting a local CVS or minute clinic include checking glucose levels, receiving counseling on how and when to use medications and advice on weight loss programs.

Overall, CVS and Aetna are aiming to help consumers receive health care information in a quicker, more personable way. This merge will make a trip to the doctors or emergency room unnecessary because of the quick information they will have at a local CVS. This is also a sign of cheaper healthcare for consumers.

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