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credit offering employees health insurance

Receive a Credit for Offering Your Employees Health Insurance

Aetna Funding Advantage plan offers your small business the claims protection that you need and the opportunity for the surplus payout that you deserve. And now, you can earn an administrative fee credit and get a guaranteed surplus later when you renew.

Save now. These offers are available to new groups (10–100 enrolled employees) with effective dates from August 1, 2021, to December 1, 2021.

For each enrolled employee, you can earn a $225 administrative fee credit. This is for groups with 10–100 enrolled employees. And they’re sweetening the deal with a surplus guarantee.

How it works

Earning new business credits Administrative fee credits for Aetna Funding Advantage are not cumulative and apply only to new groups.** The credit will be a one-time administrative fee credit applied to your second Aetna Funding Advantage bill. If the credit is larger than the group’s second month of administrative fees, Aetna credit the remaining amount to the third bill.

Getting renewal surplus

If your surplus is larger : If you renew your Aetna Funding Advantage plan and your claims funding surplus is more than the amount that is guaranteed, you receive 50% of the surplus refunded to your Aetna Funding Advantage in 90–150 days.

If your surplus is smaller: If you renew your Aetna Funding Advantage plan and your claims funding surplus is below the amount guaranteed, Aetna will apply the balance to your administrative fee for next year.

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