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NJ Statewide Poll on Health Behavior

Individuals everywhere are concentrating on healthcare on the national in the US and they  are starting to forget about the state of health-related matters on a local level. But not everyone.

The Rutgers Center for State Health Policy released the results of a poll taken by residents, to find their opinions on their neighborhoods and health-related matters. The sample taken was used to find which areas in New Jersey require the most attention and will contribute to improving healthcare. The New Jersey Public Health committee use the results of polls similar to these to identify the needs of each county so they may find and implement solutions faster.

The results of the poll revealed:

80 percent of N.J. adults rated their neighborhoods excellent or good,  but just 67 percent did so in South Jersey

A large contrast between southern counties and the rest of the state of New Jersey

Average inflation-adjusted wage for northern counties were $47,6000 and $54,500 for Morris County, while in Atlantic county, the wage was just $33,000 and $35,200 in Cumberland

The conclusion was that counties located in South Jersey require the most attention. More polls like these will be taken so that officials may find out the exact target areas in New Jersey to focus on. In doing so, a reaction will occur and the overall well-being of communities in New Jersey will be affected, improving the lives of the Garden State residents.

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