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6 Mistakes You Can Make Working from Home

Working from home can be liberating, as the flexibility allows for a better work-life balance. A bit of structure is all you need to get the most out of your time and maximize productivity. However, there are common mistakes that people make when they are working from home let’s take a look at them to establish better habits and reach your full potential.

  1. Not having a designated workspace

It is easy for work to spill into all areas of your home when you do not have a specified workspace. The sofa or kitchen table may seem convenient, but creating a space solely for work with all of your resources in one place will help to keep you organized and centered.

  1. Forgetting to stretch

When working alone, it’s easy for time to fly by. All the inactivity creates pressure on your spinal cord, keeps blood from circulating properly around your body, and causes your shoulders to become hunched. Take care of yourself by incorporating a few minutes of simple stretching into your routine.

  1. Overlooking the importance of balance

The flexibility of your schedule is helpful, but establishing a routine that works for you and that is respected by those you share your life with will enable you to set boundaries, fulfill your work obligations, and achieve a more balanced lifestyle overall.

  1. Working in the dark

Take care of your mental health by making sure your workspace includes a bit of sunlight. Many studies detail all the benefits of exposure to natural light, but most of us can already attest to the difference simply working next to a window. If that’s not a possibility or work at night, a desk lamp can help reduce eye strain when you read and change the light intensity of your screen can help prevent headaches.

  1. Not setting up a daily routine

Create a task-based, goal-oriented daily/weekly/monthly schedule that works for you. Sometimes, not having to set an alarm or tackle a daily commute can make it tempting to slide slowly into your workday. You already know when you are most productive and how to prioritize, so make your life easier by eliminating the need to waste time figuring out each day as it arrives. You will feel more productive and cross things off your list faster, which translates to a greater sense of achievement.

  1. Working too much

Stepping away from work is more challenging when it’s right in front of you. When you can’t leave the office behind, and it’s totally up to you when to call it a day, the line between work and life gets pretty blurry. Setting guidelines will prevent mistakes, poor-quality work, and the feeling that your job is your entire life. There is a big difference between being passionate about a project and completely losing your work-life balance.

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