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Why to Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

Perhaps one lesson to take away from this pandemic is the need to encourage sick employees to stay home. It’s not unusual for employees to feel guilty for taking time off. Ignoring their health in the name of productivity. As to show their commitment to the company, they might skip breaks, work on vacation and show up to work feeling unwell or flat-out sick. You may argue that working with an employee missing can be inconvenient and put strains on your resources. While this might be true, the potential risk for allowing a contagious illness into your office could do much more harm. It can be hard to make the mental shift to allow and encourage employees to take sick time. As a business leader, consider remodeling your commitment to encouraging sick employees to stay home. Here’s why.

     1. Less absenteeism in the long run

Encouraging sick employees to stay home requires a short-term productivity sacrifice, but there’s likely to be a reduction in overall absenteeism in the long run. When contagious employees come to work, the problem of absenteeism can potentially multiply as their illness spreads around the office, creating the need for more employees to be out. On top of that, what may feel like a minor illness to one employee could be much more detrimental to another. Removing the pressure to be present when sick helps protect your most vulnerable employees.

     2. Productivity is possible from a distance

Another lesson this pandemic made clear is that many jobs can be done from home. You can use that experience to your advantage when employees become sick. Instead of using sick time or paid time off (PTO), your employees who don’t need to be physically present to do their job can work from home if they feel well enough to do so.

     3.People will take advantage no matter what

No matter your sick leave policy or expectations, dishonesty, unfortunately, still exists. When encouraging sick employees to stay home, it’s best to give all employees the benefit of the doubt until you have a reason not to.

     4. Good for morale

When you encourage employees to stay home when sick, you send the message that you prioritize their health and well-being. This can boost your organizational morale and helps you retain your employees. Employees are more likely to stick around when they feel respected and cared for.

As a leader at your company, it’s also essential that you set the example. Stay home when you’re sick, and your employees will feel comfortable doing so, too.

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