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Why Do We Experience Brain Fog When We Have Allergies

Spring means flowers and warmer weather, but for some of us it means allergies and brain fog.

Brain fog can include dizziness, imbalance, and fatigue. If you experience this during allergy season, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research on why people suffer brain fog with allergies.

One fact to consider is that allergens affect the immune system. Your bodies reaction to allergens by producing histamines, compounds that cause muscle contractions and blood vessel dilation. Later, your body releases proteins called cytokines that tell the surrounding tissue to prepare for the attackers ( allergens).

All of this activity going on in the body results in inflammation, which we can feel in our head, sinuses, throat, eyes, and lungs.

Multiple studies have examined the possible causes of brain fog from allergies. One study examined the extent to which allergic rhinitis affects cognitive function (defined as “sustained attention, short- and long-term memory and speed of information processing”). The results showed that the long term effects of allergic reactions include cognitive decrease.

The best way to deal with brain fog and allergies is by taking antihistamines. They give you clarity and focus. Some even get allergy injections that keep your symptoms at bay during the allergy season.

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Why Seasonal Allergies Cause ‘Brain Fog’ — Here’s What The Science Says